Moving Office...?

Moving offices has been known to be time consuming, inconvenient and can impact your businesses bottom line...

...however you won’t need to worry about that.

As a family owned business, we understand that downtime in your business is expensive, and that’s why we offer a quick, reliable and easy service.

This is important to you, because you don’t have the time to supervise and run the removal process – that’s our expertise.

We focus on doing our job efficiently, so that you can get back to doing yours effectively.

No office is too small or too large, and no move is too hard.

We can pack for you, and we can even provide storage if your business requires it, so that your move is smooth and painless.

For your convenience, our prices for removals are as follows:


  Monday - Friday Saturday
  From 8am - 4pm From 4pm Onwards 4 hour Minimum
2 men $175 per hour $210 per hour $225 per hour
3 men $260 per hour $310 per hour  
4 men $350 per hour $410 per hour  

We accept Visacard, Mastercard, cheque or cash. Payment by credit or debit card attracts a 1% surcharge as cost recovery only.

For more information give us a call, NOW on 02 9908 3477 for a FREE quote on your move.